Bus Conduct Rules

  1. Observe classroom conduct
  2. Be courteous, no use of profane language
  3. Do not eat or drink on bus
  4. Stay seated and facing forward
  5. Co-operate with bus driver
  6. Stay in your seat
  7. Keep head, hands and feet inside bus
  8. Do not fight, push or shove
  9. Do not tamper with bus equipment
  10. Do not bring flammable material on bus
  11. The driver is authorized to assign seats
  12. No standing while bus is in motion (Texas Law)
  13. All personal items must be secured by student
  14. Enter & Exit bus in orderly manner
  15. Do not throw trash on floor
  16. No weapons of any kind allowed on bus

Non-compliance to any of these rules can lead to loss of bus riding privileges