The iPad one-to-one program will use technologies that's already a big part of students' lives to help make them more excited about learning.

Located about 40 miles south of Abilene, Winters ISD is a 73% economically disadvantaged public school district. Its student body of about 600 Pre-k through 12th graders has performed satisfactory by traditional standards.

Our progressive-minded district leaders felt they were not doing enough by just helping students perform well on tests. They want to adapt their teaching methods to an increasingly digital world, to help their students better prepare for real life.

They recognize that students get most of their information from the Internet, students need teachers more than ever to guide them in determining what a valid source is and what is not. By incorporating digital literacy standards into the curriculum, the goal is to create a teaching environment using the same technology that students are already using outside school.

The iPad will allow us to be so much more creative than we ever could have been before. We will soon walk into a classroom with boundless possibilities.


(technology enriched curriculum) (iPad instructional initiative)