School Resource Officer

Winters ISD's School Resource Officer (SRO)

Officer Thomas Stiles

School Resource Officer (SRO) Specific Duties

1. The SRO is to be a visible, active Winters Police Department law enforcement figure on campus dealing with law enforcement matters.
2. The SRO will maintain a presence between all campuses especially before school, at lunch periods and immediately after school.
3. In the performance of their duties, the SRO shall coordinate and communicate with the Superintendent, the campus principals, and the principals’ designee of the schools.
4. As to school code violations, the SRO will take the student to the principal’s office for discipline to be meted out by school officials.
5. The SRO will help intervene/prevent a disruption that would, if ignored, place students, faculty and staff at risk of harm or otherwise create a danger to the school community.
6. The SRO is to escort students to the principal’s office in order the principal to address and impose consequences for violations of the Student Code of Conduct.
7. The SRP will report all crimes originating on campus.
8. Information on cases that are worked off-campus by the Police Department or other agencies involving students on a campus served by an SRO will be provided to the SRO.
9. The SRO is part of the District safety team and will share information with campus administrators about persons and conditions that pertain to campus safety concerns.
10. The SRO will be familiar with helpful community agencies, such as mental health clinics, drug treatment centers, etc., that offer assistance to dependency- and delinquency-prone youths and their families and make referrals when necessary.
11. The SRO will work with the principals to develop plans and strategies to prevent and/or minimize dangerous situations which might result in student unrest.
12. SROs shall not transport students in Police Department vehicles except:
a. when the students are victims of a crime, under arrest, or some other emergency circumstances exist or
b. when students are suspended and/or sent home from school pursuant to school disciplinary actions, and if the student’s parent or guardian has refused or is unable to pick up the child within a reasonable time period and the student is disruptive/disorderly and his/her continued presence on campus is a threat to the safety and welfare of other students, the SRO will take the student into custody until parents arrive.
13. The SRO is expected to be a resource for students which will enable them to be associated with a law enforcement figure and role model in the students’ environment.
14. The SRO can provide a classroom resource for law education using approved materials.
15. The SRO is to be a resource for teachers, parents and students for conferences on an individual basis dealing with individual problems or questions, particularly in the area of substance control.
16. The SRO may make appearances before site councils, parent groups, and other groups associated with the campus and as a speaker on a variety of requested topics, particularly drug and alcohol abuse.