Corona Virus Update - March 13th

Corona Virus Update - March 13th

March 13, 2020

In our efforts to Manage Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be closely monitoring and analyze developments and statements from local, national and international health agencies, and we are taking actions to comply with their directives which are based on facts and medical science.  

There is no issue more important to us than making sure we manage this situation as effectively as possible, so our students and employees continue to feel confident at school. The administration will meet regularly to make decisions on how we can further improve our actions to protect our students and employees.  We are meeting with local health officials to further assess and develop a local plan.  

Right now, health authorities tell us, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we must: wash hands frequently, heighten cleaning practices, avoid contact with sick people, stay away from school or work when ill and not travel to areas with high infection rates. All our actions are focused in these areas.

Here’s where we are currently:

  • Buses will run on schedule on Monday, March 16, 2020.  The school day will continue as normal.
  • UIL has suspended all activities (athletic and academic) until March 29th.  We will send updated information from UIL when it is available.
  • We will be reminding students and employees through multiple channels about washing hands often. We are providing additional hand sanitizer dispensers as well
  • We had Germ Blast sanitize all district buildings over Spring Break.
  • We have bought even more cleaning and disinfectant supplies. We are increasing the frequency of cleaning high-touch surfaces in hallways, desk or tabletops, door handles, restrooms, railings on buses, the cafeteria, field house, and dressing rooms. 
  • We are reinforcing training procedures to ensure cleaning processes are implemented properly by our custodians, bus drivers and maintenance staff. 


  • If a student or an employee appears to be suffering from flu-like symptoms, they will be asked to promptly seek medical attention and to remain at home until they are free of symptoms.
  • We encourage all parents or guardians who are ill to seek medical attention and to avoid public exposure as much as possible. We will be using sanitizing procedures in classrooms where students who become ill are.

We are committed to taking the proactive steps needed to keep our schools open and safe for students and staff.  If you have traveled to an area that has already been affected by COVID-19, please contact your child’s campus and let them know.